6 Best USB-C Headphones in 2023 (2024)

USB-C technology has recently gained popularity, and most manufacturers now include USB-C connections in their mobile device designs. This development has expanded the demand for USB-C headphones even more. These wired headphones come with premium features.

In addition to rapid charging times and a simple plug-and-play architecture, the finest USB-C headphones offer a lot more.

We know you want the best USB-C Headphones, but you have no idea what to look for in them. So how can you know which one will serve you best? Let’s help you find out!

Roundup of the Best USB-C Headphones

Overall Best USB-C HeadphonesKensington USB-C Hi-Fi Headphones (K97456WW)
Most Lightweight USB-C HeadphonesSAMSUNG EO-IC100BBEGUS Corded Type-C Earphone
USB-C Headphones With Best Mic QualitySamsung AKG Earbuds Original USB Type C in-Ear Earbud Headphones
Best Budget USB-C HeadphonesPALOVUE USB C Headphones Earbuds
USB-C Headphones With Best FitMEE audio M6 Sport USB-C Wired Earbuds with Memory Wire Earhooks
Most Durable USB-C HeadphonesBelkin SoundForm Headphones with USB Type C Connector

Can USB-C Be Used for Headphones?

Yes, very easily. For many of us, USB C is an answer to the problem of a lacking headphone jack. USB-C audio needs a DAC and amp for signal processing, much like analog audio for a headphone connection. While the headphone socket protects the phone’s internals, not all USB-C cables provide sound similarly. However, given that headphones might be either passive or active, the question of how to best distribute a sound signal becomes more nuanced.

If the headphones are passive, the smartphone’s digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and amplifier (amp) are responsible for converting the digital audio stream. If headphones are active, however, they employ their own DAC and amplifier system.

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best USB-C Headphones

There are some features to consider when shopping for the best USB-C headphones on the market, and here are they.

Noise Cancelation

When shopping for USB-C headphones, noise cancelation is an essential quality to look for. Passive noise reduction and active noise cancelation are the two most common methods. Sound isolation, or passive noise cancellation, is a technology that uses headphones to block out ambient noise so that the listener may concentrate on the music without distraction. Nothing from the outside world will reach your ears.

With active noise cancelation, you won’t have to worry about background noise interfering with your calls. Technology like this is built into certain headphones so you can take calls without interruptions.

Sound Quality

Your priority should be ensuring that the headphones provide high-quality sound. But you may wonder, “How can I possibly examine it before purchasing it online?” Well, even if you can’t listen to the headphones yourself, you can still learn everything about the technology behind them by looking at the manufacturer’s specifications.

Some words to look out for are dynamic drivers, a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) chip, and oxygen copper wiring. While the presence of the DAC chip provides a flawless digital-to-analog audio signal, the dynamic speakers improve bass quality, and the oxygen copper wire prevents data loss. So getting all three components at once is a fantastic bargain.


Headphones come in various styles, each competing for consumers’ attention in a crowded marketplace. In-ear and over-ear styles of headphones are the two most popular types. For the most part, over-ear headphones provide a high-quality, all-encompassing listening experience. It’s ideal for use in both your home studio and your own living space. You can’t take it with you somewhere practical.

However, the in-ear style is convenient for those who are usually on the go. They are convenient in size and provide the high-quality sound you need. In-ear headphones often include built-in microphones.


There is no use in rushing into a purchase of headphones before examining the features and specifications available. Be sure to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions before making a purchase. When shopping for USB-C headphones, keep an eye out for product models the manufacturer lists as compatible.

Before you purchase headphones, make sure you know what type and series they are. It will guarantee a snug fit with your gadget and access to all features.


For those times when you need to avoid continuously reaching for your phone, the convenience of built-in controls is invaluable. If you’re on the hunt for a pair of USB-C headphones, keep an eye out for those with in-line controls.

You should look for headphones with many buttons for adjusting the volume, playing and pausing music, answering and ending phone conversations, and other common tasks. With additional options available on the headphones themselves, you may have a truly hands-free listening session.

Top 6 USB-C Headphones on the Market

We have rounded off the top 7 USB-C headphones on the market with all the above features.

1. Kensington USB-C Hi-Fi Headphones (K97456WW)

Overall Best USB-C Headphones

  • Great sound quality
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS USB-C devices
  • Padded headband
  • Long 6-foot USB-C cord
  • Great price
  • No wireless option

The Kensington Hi-Fi USB-C Headphones (K97456WW) can be a good choice for those on a tighter budget. Thanks to the included wire, you can use them with any device with a USB-C connector.

Generally speaking, the build quality of these headphones is decent. The headphones have a typical plastic and metal build, with an alterable headband and movable ear cups. With their leatherette construction, the ear pads provide excellent comfort.

These headphones have 40 mm dynamic drivers and a frequency response of 20-20 kHz, providing adequate sound quality for the asking price. The cord on these headphones is 6 feet long and is non-detachable. Even though this provides more mobility, it also increases the likelihood of their entangled or trapped (personal experience).

In conclusion, Kensington USB-C Hi-Fi Headphones (K97456WW) are high-quality and budget-friendly. They are ideal for e-learning, working from home, educational, and office settings, and are compatible with a wide range of devices and provide crystal-clear sound. They are compatible with many Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS devices.

View on Amazon: Kensington USB-C Hi-Fi Headphones (K97456WW)

2. SAMSUNG EO-IC100BBEGUS Corded Type-C Earphone

Most Lightweight USB-C Headphones

  • Comfortable and portable
  • Lightweight
  • Exceptional consistency in frequency response
  • Low latency on desktops and portables
  • Good recording quality
  • Noise isolation is average
  • No wireless usage
  • No audio-enhancing capabilities

The Samsung EO-IC100BBEGUS Corded Type-C Earphones are wired USB-C earphones. Because of their minimal latency and non-detachable, braided USB-C connection, these earphones are ideal for viewing films and movies on modern smartphones with USB-C ports. Their tone is very neutral, with a little additional boom in the bass region that may appeal to hip-hop and electronic dance music listeners.

Our assessment found that these Samsung earphones are well-designed. Their in-ear design ensures they won’t cause discomfort even after hours of use. Amazingly lightweight, these headphones nonetheless provide excellent sound quality. Like other in-ear headphones, they are compact and lightweight enough to stow away in a pocket or purse.

When it comes to frequency response, the Samsung EO-IC100BBEGUS earphones shine. No matter how they fit or seal or where you place them on your head, the sound quality should be constant every time you wear them.

In conclusion, the SAMSUNG EO-IC100BBEGUS Corded Type-C Earphones deliver a balanced sound profile at a reasonable price. The USB-C cord is thicker, and if you’re searching for lightweight wired earbuds with a Type-C cable, these are the headphones you need.

View on Amazon: SAMSUNG EO-IC100BBEGUS Corded Type-C Earphone

3. Samsung AKG Earbuds Original USB Type C In-Ear Earbud Headphones

USB-C Headphones With Best Mic Quality

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Plug and play
  • Great passive noise cancelation
  • In-line microphone
  • Braided cable makes it durable
  • Includes velvet carrying case
  • We did not experience any issues

The Samsung AKG Earbuds Original USB Type C in-Ear Earbud Headphones use common rubber-coated wires with a detachable coupler as the earphones’ output. You’ll notice the high-quality braided tangle-free fabric construction as soon as you pass the cable’s connection point. While some may not like a straight plug, there should be no problem for most cases to slide open.

Our assessment found these earbuds perfectly balanced and flat, and they were clean, natural, and melodic in the mids and highs. The bass is represented faithfully but placed quite distantly in the overall mix. They don’t become tiring very quickly, which is great, but they could need more speed and power. They’re nevertheless enjoyable to listen to despite lacking treble. The highs are granular enough to expose your audio files or recordings’ imperfections.

The earphones’ cords are your normal rubber-coated cables with a detachable coupler. When you go beyond the connection point, you’ll see that the cable is of a sturdy, knot-free braided cotton that makes it more durable.

In conclusion, the Samsung AKG Earbuds Original USB Type C in-Ear Earbud Headphones have a high-quality in-line microphone that lets you stay in touch with your conversations wherever you go, and you can adjust the volume with a remote. Therefore, they are our choice for USB-C headphones with the best mic quality.

View on Amazon: Samsung AKG Earbuds Original USB Type C in-Ear Earbud Headphones

4. PALOVUE USB C Headphones Earbuds

Best Budget USB-C Headphones

  • Excellent fit
  • Crisp and clean sound
  • Value for the price and affordable price
  • Capacity to accept calls
  • Mic quality could have been better

As their name suggests, these headphones include a USB-C connection, making them suitable for a broad range of smartphones. The headphones’ noise-canceling technology keeps outside noise to a minimum. The three included ear tip sizes allow for a personalized fit.

This device’s high-quality dynamic 9.2mm drivers provide clear audio with precise mids and lows. These cables are durable, with oxygen-free copper conductors and a thick, protective TPE sheathing. The audio cable, however, could tangle easily.

This unit’s USB Type-C connection is of the highest quality, with steel reinforcement for maximum conductivity. It has a three-button controller and built-in microphone to make personalization simple and simple to use for phone conversations. The buttons allow users to change the volume and accept or decline incoming calls.

In conclusion, the PALOVUE USB-C Headphones Earbuds are the best budget USB-C headphones on our list. They combine affordability and ease of usage, excellent sound quality, and many other features that make it a delight to buy.

View on Amazon: PALOVUE USB C Headphones Earbuds

5. MEE audio M6 Sport USB-C Wired Earbuds with Memory Wire Earhooks

USB-C Headphones With Best Fit

  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Great for sports
  • 6 sets of ear tips included
  • IPX5 sweat and water resistance
  • Affordable
  • Good noise isolation
  • Cable length is short

The MEE audio M6 Sport USB-C Wired Earbuds with Memory Wire Earhooks are a standard in-ear model with ear hooks for added stability during physical activity. They are good for commuting because of their minima audio leakage, moderate noise blocking, and portability.

The memory wire ear hooks of the M6 sports earphones bend to the shape of your ears, allowing for a snug, comfortable, and secure over-the-ear fit that won’t come loose during even the most vigorous workouts. High-quality digital sound is transmitted via a Type C connector, making it compatible with the latest gadgets. Other features like a built-in microphone and a 3-button remote make it easy to manage calls, music, and volume.

They come with all sorts of ear tips, and no amount of sweat could cause them to fall out, but they did come undone a few times. Our evaluation found that every part of the signal, from highs to lows, is crystal clear. We could hear songs just as they were intended to be heard on the recording.

In conclusion, the MEE audio M6 Sport USB-C Wired Earbuds with Memory Wire Earhooks are acceptable substitutes for expensive in-ear monitors with active noise cancellation. These are fantastic, especially for those with little ears, since very few in-ear headphones are designed for such a scenario.

View on Amazon: MEE audio M6 Sport USB-C Wired Earbuds with Memory Wire Earhooks

6. Belkin SoundForm Headphones with USB Type C Connector

Most Durable USB-C Headphones

  • Excellent value for money
  • Snug fit and robust construction
  • Enhanced with water-resistance and moisture-wicking strength
  • Great sound quality
  • Tangle prone cord

The Belkin SoundForm Headphones with USB Type C Connector have you covered regarding durability. They’re very flexible and strengthened in key stress areas. Well-tuned acoustics power the perfect in-ear headphones for music enthusiasts for amazing clarity, breadth, and balance.

Our evaluation found them to be reasonably priced, and they turned out to be much superior to our expectations. Even when working out, the quality of phone conversations and musical performances is not compromised. Because the USB-C cable is so long, you never have to worry about tripping over it or spinning your phone around in your hands.

While the cord design of Belkin SoundForm Headphones with USB Type C Connector does not prevent tangles entirely, it makes them easier to untangle and deal with quickly. The mic performs well. Long-lasting enough to use on the road. Excellent if you don’t require the premium noise-canceling headset experience but would still want to listen to music and podcasts while lounging on the sofa or in the bed.

In conclusion, the Belkin SoundForm Headphones with USB Type C Connector are an easy-to-use pair of headphones for mobile devices without earphone jacks. However, they are soft, lightweight, and simple to put on and take off, and their flat cable makes folding them a breeze.

View on Amazon: Belkin SoundForm Headphones with USB Type C Connector

Frequently Asked Questions About USB-C Headphones

Can you use USB-C headphones on Switch?

If you want a quick answer, it’s yes. The Nintendo Switch is compatible with most USB-C headphones; however, some utilize the USB-C as an analog passthrough and don’t have their built-in digital-to-analog converter, which is required.

The Nintendo Switch software doesn’t work with certain USB-C headphones. Instead, it takes trial and error to determine if the problem is with the program or the connection.

How to use USB-C headphones?

There is no software to install. Just connect the USB-C end to your devices, such as a phone or computer, and use the other end to attach a lighting wire, and you’re all set.

Do USB-C headphones work on MacBook Pro?

Yes, they do. The USB-C connector on the MacBook is compatible with USB-C earbuds or headphones.

Does USB-C have better audio quality?

Yes, they do. Wideband audio over USB is often preferable because it provides a more balanced sound spectrum. Compared to 3.5mm headphones, USB gives a more realistic listening experience. In-line call controllers are another convenient feature of USB headsets.

Final Words

We hope the above information will help you make an informed choice. If you want our recommendation, we will go with Kensington USB-C Hi-Fi Headphones (K97456WW), as they offer everything. Moreover, the length of the cord is just right; it doesn’t yank the phone off the wireless charger even if you’re sitting on the bed and charging it.

It is now time for you to choose and buy a pair of USB-C headphones and enjoy.

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Avantree C171 - Wired USB C Headphones &Microphone for Sports and Running with Over-Ear Earbud Hooks and in-Line Volume Control, Compatible with Samsung, iPhone 15, Google and Other Type C Smartphone.

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Does Type C earphones work on every phone? ›

On some devices, you'll need to turn on audio through your USB-C port. Some devices also won't let you take calls using your earbuds. If you're using a phone, make sure it's using the latest version of Android.

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