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If you are in a rush and just want to know what the best vintage telephone is we think the XICHEN Vintage Style Rotary is the best one. Followed closely by the IRISVO Rotary Dial Telephone.

Telephones inspired by the vintage phones of the past eras are definitely the current trend. Not only do these devices allow us to telecommunicate in an old fashion way, but they also enable us to enhance our interior decors. Learn how to buy the appropriate vintage phone and also check out the top ten best vintage phones below:

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How To Buy a Vintage Phone

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When it comes to shopping for a retro telephone, shoppers are presented with a myriad of choices with different suitabilities. In other words, not every vintage telephone on sale is suitable for you! Hence when shopping, you must look for one that is particularly ideal for you. And here’s how to do that:

Rotary Dial or Push Button Vintage Phone?

When classified according to the type of number dialing used, there are basically two types of vintage telephones:

The former uses an older method that involves rotating a wheel to achieve a number that you would want to call instead of the latter that allows you to push a button to directly enter the number. Unlike rotary dial telephones, push-button telephones will enable you to call numbers conveniently with a push of a button. On the other hand, rotary dial telephones can be perfect choices for buyers looking for something more original and vintage.

Look at the Construction

Pay attention to the construction of the telephone you are about to select. Is it made from durable materials that will ensure that the phone serves you for the longest duration of time possible? If not, don’t choose the product. What are some examples of these materials? The answer is; ABS plastic, ceramic, resin, and alloy metals. The best vintage phones will be made of the highest quality materials.

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Pay Attention to The Base Design

A decent retro telephone should have a base sturdy enough to avoid falling and breaking when the furniture on which it’s sitting is accidentally knocked. How do you know that a telephone has a sturdy base? You can know just by looking at it. If the base is larger or at least the same size as the upper part, you know that it’s sturdy. The same can’t be said if otherwise.

Consider How the Telephone Is Powered

There are three types of vintage telephones when it comes to classification according to how the telephones are powered. There are telephones powered by:

  • AC or DC
  • Batteries
  • The telephone line to which they are connected

AC or DC powered vintage phones are a great choice where electricity supply is not a challenge. Battery-powered telephones or their counterparts that are designed to be powered by the telephone line to which they are connected can be appropriate options where AC or DC power is a major challenge.

Pay Attention to The Brand

Numerous brands manufacture vintage or retro phones. Yet, we can’t get away from the fact that some brands manufacture poor quality phones. Due to potential legal repercussions, I’ll not name some of those brands. However, I’ll mention some brands for good quality phones. These are Pyle, TelPal, Xichen, Tosuny, Irisvo, and any other brand mentioned below.

Consider the Price Tag

Vintage telephones have different price ranges so that every buyer can afford one. These phones can be placed into three categories: low-priced phones, mid-range phones, and high-end phones. High-end phones have the most pleasant aspects, followed by their mid-range counterparts. Don’t get me wrong; low-priced phones can be fairly worthwhile, especially those manufactured by decent brands.

The Top 10 Best Vintage Phones

1. XICHEN Vintage Style Rotary

  • Resin imitation copper construction
  • Factory default ringtones that can’t be changed
  • Integrated speakerphone function

The XICHEN Vintage Style Rotary telephone is a nice choice whose design is inspired by the British telephones of the 1960s. This rotary landline telephone works great and suits both office and home uses. It comes with sweet factory default retro ringtones that can’t be changed. What’s more, measuring only 11.61 x 10.51 x 9.21 inches, this old fashioned telephone is portable and takes minimal space. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to carry, measuring only 3 pounds. This telephone is worth buying for yourself or someone you care about, whether that be a loved one, friend, romantic partner, etc.

2. TelPal Corded Old Fashion 1960 Telephone

  • Ceramic and metal construction
  • Caller identification
  • Ceramic antique style

The TelPal Corded Old Fashion antique landline telephone is not a decor piece. It’s a real working landline home phone inspired by the home phones of the 1960s. It’s beautifully and uniquely designed and can make for a perfect addition to your home decor. And since it’s made from a blend of ceramic and metal, it will not get rustic or old looking even after several decades of use. Plus, its base impressively heavy, which means it will not topple over easily when the desktop on which it stands is accidentally knocked.

3. Tosuny Retro Vintage Telephone

  • Date, week, calendar, and clock display
  • Pre-dial and correction support with 32 bits pre-dial length
  • Caller number quick check and callback support
  • Automatic FSK and DTMF caller ID detection
  • Rose ceramic construction

The Tosuny Retro Vintage Telephone is a perfect choice for home or office use. This telephone has an improved design for more durability. Plus, it weighs less(only 2.35 pounds) compared to other telephones in its category. Similarly, it’s smaller in size than other phones in its class are. Due to the weight and size, this portable vintage phone offers mobility benefits not to mention that it requires minimal desktop space on which to stand.

4. IRISVO Rotary Dial Telephone

  • ABS Plastic and zinc alloy construction.
  • Broader compatibility with cable networks and all standard home telephone lines
  • Hand-free and re-dial function

Arguably the best vintage phone, this retro dial phone brings back the 1940’s–1960s British retro sense with its iconic rotary design. The IRISVO Rotary Dial Telephone captures an antique atmosphere that’s perfect for a home set up. This telephone system is durable and resistant to rust and other elements made from high-grade plastic and zinc alloy. Plus, it has clear and sweet traditional chime ringtones that will bring you back into old times with sweet memories of your childhood. It measures only 9 inches x 6 inches x 6 inches, which means that even that tiny desktop you have in your bedroom can sufficiently accommodate it. And when it comes to weight, this item weighs less i.e., only 2.8 pounds.

5. Royal Victoria 1938 Rotary Telephone

  • Metal die-cast construction with artistic brass accents details.
  • Clear electronic ring
  • Push-button dialing
  • Adjustable receiver
  • Volume controls
  • Last number redial

The Royal Victoria 1938 Rotary Telephone is a beautiful vintage set with telecommunication and decorative functions. It’s one of the most iconic vintage phones that work with present lines. Plus, you can add some antique style to your home or office with it. Alternatively, you can purchase it as a special gift for someone. This vintage telephone measures 6.5 x 10 x 7 inches. As such, you can place it on top of your desk or bedside stool without any space limitations.

6. Crosley CR56-BK 1950's Payphone

  • Wall-mountable design
  • Push-button technology
  • Integrated coin bank
  • Tone/pulse switch
  • Ringer volume On/Off switch
  • Earpiece volume control

Manufactured by Crosley CR56-BK 1950's Payphone vintage phone boasts a push-button system, which offers keys and buttons for dialing a telephone number. Telephones without this use a rotary dial system instead.

In this system, the digits are arranged in a circular layout. The caller has to rotate a finger wheel to input a telephone number. That makes making a phone call a little bit challenging.

What’s more, this telephone system is relatively portable, measuring only 7 x 9 x 18 inches. As such, it fits well on many desktops or other pieces of furniture that aren’t too large. Plus, it’s made from resin, which offers temperature and water-resistant qualities.

Lastly, unlike many vintage phones that work, this telephone can also be mounted on the wall, saving space on your furniture top.

7. EC VISION Rotary Landline Phone

  • ABS engineering plastic plus zinc alloy construction
  • Mechanical ringer
  • Speaker function
  • Hands-free dialing and answering
  • Designed to be powered by a telephone line

The EC VISION Rotary Landline Phone is another beautiful vintage phone that offers incredible value. Unlike many telephones, it’s battery-powered using a set of batteries you can easily buy at your local store. You can buy this for your living room, bedroom bedside, study, home store, etc. Alternatively, you can purchase it as a gift for your loved one or that special someone that means a lot to you. It’s built from materials that are sturdy and not going to succumb to wear and tear easily. This retro landline telephone offers hands-free dialing and answering, one-touch redial, and several sweet mechanical ringtones. Lastly, it doesn’t need a power supply or battery as it works directly with the current on your telephone line.

8. M ugast Vintage Telephone

  • Re-dial support
  • Resin and metal construction
  • Powered by a telephone line
  • Vintage turntable dialing

The M ugast Vintage Telephone is a beautiful landline telephone with a classical style. You can place it in your living room, bedroom, or any other room within the house. Apart from that, it’s suitable for an office space or hotel room. One of the things you’ll like about this retro telephone is that it does not rely on electricity or batteries as it uses the telephone line directly, for your utmost convenience. Plus, it’s sturdy and built to ensure a long service life, thanks to the premium resin construction. The only drawback to this vintage phone is that it weighs more than other phones in its class do i.e up to 4.17 pounds.

9. Crosley Kettle Classic Desk Phone

  • Earpiece volume control
  • Flash and redial inclusions
  • Single-line operation

The Crosley Kettle Classic Desk Phone allows you to take or make calls the 1930s way. This single-line operation landline telephone is inspired by the landline telephones that existed in the 1930s. It has a mechanical bell, mimicking vintage phones of the thirties. This push-button telephone, which measures 6 x 6 x 5 inches and weighs 3 pounds, has a very stable base that protects it from falling when the table is accidentally knocked. Plus, it’s available in brushed chrome or classic black. Either option still makes it one of the best retro phones.

10. Pyle Retro Antique Country Wall Phone

  • Premium wood construction
  • Dual-Nano design
  • Battery-powered
  • Touch-tone buttons
  • Recipe-style compartment

The Pyle Retro Antique Country Wall Phone is arguably the best vintage phone, at least as far as construction goes. This beautiful telephone set inspired by the 20s landline telephone design is built to sit on your desktop. Apart from that, it’s wall mountable so you don’t have to worry about where to place it. When it comes to measurement and weight, this telephone set measures 9.25 x 13.5 x 20.5 inches and weighs 4.5 pounds. It’s one of the heaviest retro phone choices available, thanks to the wood material.

Final Thoughts

Vintage telephones are becoming more and more popular among homeowners and businesses alike. Inspired by the design of the telephones of the 70s going back, these vintage phones not only serve telecommunication services. But they also serve as creative elements of interior decor or design. If you plan on using these retro phones in your home office be sure to check out our post on the best retro desk fans. They will complement each other well.

The 10 Best Vintage Phones With An Amazing Look | Retro Anything (2024)
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